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Lens artist | Color chaser | Mom | Hype women | Animal lover |  Framing smiles since 2019  

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My photography is all about capturing vibrant, bright, and true-to-life images that evoke a sense of joy and carefreeness. When you work with me, you can expect genuine smiles and a fun-filled atmosphere that helps you feel relaxed and comfortable.

I approach every session with an open mind and a non-judgmental attitude. I'm always excited to hear your ideas and collaborate with you to create something unique that showcases your personality and style. My ultimate aim is to provide you with timeless images that you can treasure for years to come.

I'm a big fan of wall art and albums, as I believe that these physical products add an extra dimension of beauty and meaning to your images. Don't settle for just looking at your photos on a screen – let's create something that you can touch, feel, and cherish forever!

 that specializes in portraits, children's portraits, lifestyle, and branding photography

Edmonton Alberta photographer

Hello! My names Brittany, photography has been apart of my life  as long as I can remember. I remember pulling out my neon pink fuiji film pocket camera
and taking photos of all my friends, I think I was 13 at the time. I officially got my first big girl camera in 2010, after that its been a part of my life every since! 

Family is my #1, i'm a wife, a mom to 2 daughters and 2 fur babies, I feel blessed everyday! 

Heres a funny fact, not only am I an introvert but I also have Aphantasia which is the inability to create mental imagery. Based on those two things youd be shocked to find someone that would choose this line of work, however when im in my zone those things dont matter. I can say it makes things a tad challenging at times but im ALWAYS up for a challenge.

Get To Know The Real Me

Sweet treats

06. Guilty Pleasure

Water, coffee and diet coke

05. Favorite drink/s

Charles + Clifford

04. Your Pet's Names

Scrolling reddit

03. Beloved Hobby

Making people feel good

02. Secret Passion

At home with my family

01. Faveourite place to be?

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