edmonton grad photographer

bright, bold, & fun pictures that focus on the REAL YOU

After the photoshoot, I carefully curate a proofing gallery of your images with light editing, you are then able to chose which images you want to be fully edited with my signature style, you will then receive an email once your final images are finished!

Let's Get Creative: This is the fun part! During the shoot, I'll guide you through each pose and scene to ensure your comfort and ease. For children's sessions, I like to keep things playful to capture natural smiles and candid moments. My goal is to capture the real you, resulting in stunning and heartwarming images.

Let's Customize: Once we have your initial ideas, it's time to customize your dream photoshoot. We'll work together to pick out a date, time, and location that suits your style and schedule. If you're looking for a particular theme or backdrop, we'll make it happen! My priority is creating personalized and unforgettable experiences that capture your personality.

First Contact: Reach out to me through my website or email and let's chat! We'll talk about your vision for the shoot, your preferences, and answer any questions you may have. Whether it's a cozy portrait or a playful children's session, your unique needs will shape the experience.


What happens next

We're a good fit if:

your looking for a photographer who is enthusiastic about exploring creative concepts and ideas, and will go above and beyond to capture those perfect shots!
You've viewed my portfolio and love my style! Bold, colorful, fun as opposed to light and airy
You want a safe space, that includes everyone! <3
You want a combination of candid and posed images! I want your images to feel like you, but I also want to get those posed ones (you know, the ones mom wants)

Do you want to stand out from the crowd with knock out photos?

let's chat!